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首创,Airport Facilitator X 机场制作工具,独家汉化发布!(转发)

蜜蜂伯爵 发表于 2016-02-14 22:10:09 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
插件名称: 首创,Airport Facilitator X 机场制作工具,独家汉化发布!
适用平台: Microsoft Flight 
创作组织: 厦门太古飞机工程有限公司
硬盘使用(MB): -
本帖最后由 蜜蜂伯爵 于 2016-02-14 22:20 编辑

Airport Facilitator X 机场制作工具,独家汉化版正式发布$ X) k! `+ `8 O" Z
都来制作属于自己的私人机场吧。!2 n: C  ]7 _7 H4 q

      此帖已经过原作者CXA8883允许后才转载的,本帖不许转载,转载者请去原帖征得作者同意后转载!! ]5 }% H  ?( H7 E9 g, e
9 a; |1 I! q* f
本插件官方说明书:9 n4 R; E, I$ P5 F
AFX is a powerful airport editor for FS2004 and FSX for both novice and expert Flight Simulator users. You can easily modify any of Flight Simulator airports, convert your favorite AFCADs to FSX and enhace them with FSX-specific features, or even design a new airport from scratch.( l1 }3 W1 b' @1 T/ C1 O

AFX allows you to add, modify, or remove runways, taxiways, and paths, taxiway signs, aprons, start location, navaids, parking spots and many more airport features. # d9 H0 F" V- g( M: R! N+ E
+ e/ N: {. n! q. e! v+ o* z2 v
For FSX airports, it can add fences, moving jetways, vehicle links and parking spots. The utility also gives you access to FSX-specific runway markings and other attributes.7 ^- z+ t- Y2 D  s" x; m( U8 w

Flight Simulator Integration :
Can import both stock and add-on FSX and FS2004 airports in the BGL format.- m7 B1 ~0 B6 N- q* x9 W
Connects to FS2004 and FSX using a special AFX module (included).
Allows you to to see the airport you are editing and all editing actions LIVE in Flight Simulator. This allows very easy positioning of airport elements relative to buildings, terrain features and other aspects of the scenery.* X) o/ S& @* {( P; M
When the mouse is inside the AFX window, a second mouse pointer shows the corresponding location directly in Flight Simulator.7 {1 K' p# w1 V1 {2 o- f, _2 l& R$ X. A
Reloading of scenery in FS can be triggered directly from AFX.
Displays the plane position in the AFX window. 0 G! e7 {# v+ k
Can lock the viewpoint in the AFX window to the plane location.9 h+ n: O' t/ ]1 f8 W6 {
6 A  h( M4 L8 [6 i, @
Supported Airport Features :8 ?/ W$ G! g' ^. m  L
Airport Reference Point
Tower Viewpoint
Runways (with markings and runway lights)
Taxiways (with designators), apron paths and nodes
Parking Spots (with airline assignments)
Apron Polygons
Apron Edge Lights * A* N" o. L) {3 a9 E# m
Start Locations % W8 O0 F9 z* l& Y2 T6 ^
Helipads % _9 L6 a& v+ X8 ]. z0 n0 H( T
Taxiway Signs 7 C/ f6 S8 E3 d  p( m
Comm Frequencies ! ~! F# g3 e  R2 O
Navaids (VOR, NDB, ILS components) " L! h# S# U/ {& c. |& g* Y$ H4 v4 B; V
Exclusion Rectangles (can also exclude autogen)  @' z  A6 M+ |8 T, u
Vehicle parking spots and paths (FSX only)
Moving Jetways (FSX only)
Boundary Fences (FSX only)
Blast Fences (FSX only). e+ X) I! P8 Y# l6 K9 m
5 D* s( @! F) m: c7 @
User Interface :& w+ E4 Z, Z0 ]
An easy-to-use WYSIWYG interface.5 ~, t) w  @, U4 G  H% n3 q, P1 g
No learning curve needed for users familiar with AFCAD.  Q+ U0 w* I- Z8 x; s' ~. O$ q: L
Unlimited Undo/Redo.% t$ d% y5 O; \2 H' X- Q& ?+ F
The object under the mouse is highlighted to provide a better pointing accuracy.
Examine object details by simply hovering over it with the mouse pointer.
Selection of multiple objects is possible for moving, deleting, or changing their properties.
Display of Lights, Nodes/Links/Parking, Taxiway Signs, Start Locations, Navaids, Hold Short Limits, Exclusion Rectangles can be toggled by the user.
Lists of Parking Spots, Taxiway Designators, Runways, Start Locations, Comm Frequencies, Navaids., @" }9 X9 p) p7 N3 J5 M
0 ]+ e$ f0 B/ I  U! g2 i1 f1 g
Other Product Features :
Ability to create new airports.1 {* S9 A* \+ U# U# M3 j
Conversion between FS2004 and FSX airport formats in both directions.% r! ]' y3 e5 C
A Fault Finder will find many common problems in the airport design.; f3 n4 s* z1 j8 X+ D
Can use imperial or metric units. : \! n) d1 Z/ @) [* J. t* w. {
汉化程度达到95%,实在是有的部分看不懂了,也有的部分太专业了,咱不懂哈,其中如果有不正确或者表意不清楚的地方,欢迎大家指出更正。, y% K! i3 ]$ \0 J% X

. b4 g3 L( D- d8 B3 `1 w
; v0 `- v9 f4 G0 w  X/ Z3 l+ U
$ h+ i7 b7 [: Z" y' A
Airport Facilitator X(Flight 1)汉化版.zip (3.25 MB, 下载次数: 2311)
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